Skills Based Coaching

Negotiation is a live, interactive process. To reflect this, our learning model focuses on turning theory into iterative good practice, actively involving participants. Over 80% of course-time is allocated to immersive, interactive, practical exercises.

Our expert coaches carefully guide participants through a combination of theory and interactive exercises (Case Plays) which will give them the opportunity to practice and embed what they have learned.

Participants will have several opportunities to learn:

More about the Case Plays



Scotwork’s coaches are all experienced, practicing negotiators from a mix of industrial and commercial fields. We do not use scripts, there are no answers by rote, our coaches have the expert knowledge to answer all questions and advise on all scenarios, It’s not unusual for a case review to combine on boarding of skills and personal consultancy. Without exception they are entertaining, professional communicators who deliver expert coaching.
It takes aptitude and experience for our coaches to be able to analyse the negotiation in real time, identify the negotiating lessons and feed these back to the participants, ensuring a strong link to their real-world business environment.
Each course has a participant to tutor ratio of 1:6 and is hosted by two of our negotiation experts. This dual perspective ensures multi-layered feedback. Our coaches apply their in-depth knowledge and strong interpersonal skills to turn complex ideas into simple, easy-recall techniques. They use story-telling and practical exercises to pass on powerful insights and embed easily repeatable deal-making skillsets.

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