Our story

The world of 1975 was very different. Back then, negotiation was barely understood and rarely studied. As one of our founders recalls: “My employer gave me no guidance or training on how to negotiate. I had to learn by trial and error.”


Changing times demanded a fresh approach, so Scotwork’s pioneers had a ground-breaking idea. They analysed thousands of hours of negotiation, revealed common behaviours and distilled their findings into a universal eight-step framework. This was the seed of the Scotwork negotiation course that went on to train over hundreds of thousands of people.


45 years later, we have grown into world-class negotiation specialists, with offices in 46 countries delivering negotiating consultancy and training in 29 languages.

Our values:


By inspiring people and businesses, we give them the control and confidence to become great negotiators


Our practical culture and methods build transferrable, ready-to-use skills that make a real difference


Everything we do is geared to making our clients more profitable, competitive and successful


Our data-driven insights and unrivalled expertise give us the confidence to transform any organisation

Our vision:

To transform the way the world negotiates

Our mission:

To give our clients the most compelling negotiation training, advice and coaching

Why choose Scotwork?

Leading negotiation skills development and consultancy since 1975

"Many years ago, I attended at least a couple of the Negotiation Skills courses you ran for my company. They were some of the most relevant and practical courses I participated in. I endeavoured to put into practice the key elements of your approach over my subsequent career with the firm, first as a corporate finance partner and latterly as a member of the global executive board. Indeed, I still have your small card with key steps!"

Neil Austin

Former Member of the Global Executive Board


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