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Advancing Negotiation Skills

Our Advancing Negotiation Skills (A.N.S.) course launches tens of thousands of people into negotiation training every year. A.N.S. prepares people to become successful negotiators; equipping trainees with a proven methodology and changing their behaviour in negotiation situations.

Knowledge of Scotwork's eight-stage process helps people to navigate the twists and turns of dealmaking. The highly interactive sessions include a challenging mix of practical exercises, online tools, video analysis and bite-sized lectures from expert coaches.

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“There isn't a day that goes by without using the things I learned in the course. A few things I already did before, but now I can tie it to a structure. It is truly the best training I ever followed. Thank you very much, it has really changed my life. It lifted my knowledge and skills and I am thankful to be able to join this training. I saved £100k+ within 90 days of attending the course!”

Bas Bannink, Sales Engineer, Cisco

Before and after

Pre-course Profiling

Our Negotiation Profile questionnaire captures the confidence of participants before the course begins. It picks up areas of high and low confidence, and pinpoints which aspects need most attention. This revealing snapshot helps our coaches to draw up a Personal Development Plan for each trainee.

Post-course Support

Once A.N.S. is completed, participants use their Personal Development Plan as a roadmap to hone their skills over time. They also gain free access to the Scotwork Toolbox, a folio of online content, applications and tools to inspire and help them in future negotiations. Our Preparation Tool is invaluable for pre-negotiation planning, while the Scotwork App gives useful diagnostics, tips and techniques.

Negotiation Skills Training & Consultancy

Since 1975 we have been leading the way to create greater engagement and application by mixing global reach with rich local knowledge.

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We generate an average 16 x ROI from our programmes.

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