Negotiating Skills Capability Health Check

Have you ever asked yourself how well your team negotiates?

Scotwork's Negotiating Skills Capability Survey will benchmark your people against our assessment of best practice worldwide and give you a free report to help you understand strengths and development needs.

Are your negotiators above or below average?

What do you have to do to be as good as the best when you negotiate? 

What is the best practice and how do you adapt it to get the best results? 

 We have been surveying professional procurement negotiators for years now and we know what the best practitioners do to get their deals. We can review your own survey results with you to identify your skill gaps and plan to improve. We know and understand best practice and can share this with you, helping you to see your shortcomings, overcome them and be as good as the best in class.


 How would your organisation score compared to best practice?

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Why Scotwork?

Scotwork has coached hundreds of thousands of senior managers in 29 languages. We have grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy, operating in 46 countries. After more than 45 years we are still giving people powerful skills that transform their lives and handing businesses more successful futures.

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