How good are your negotiators?

It’s very likely that some of the people your business is negotiating with are trained to be highly effective negotiators.

How do your people benchmark against best practice for Negotiation Skills Capability?

Our free online survey tells you how capable your organisation is, and where and how to maximise your negotiation performance.

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Find out with our Negotiating Skills Capability Survey

Are your negotiators above or below average?

To develop a team of effective negotiators, first you must understand your current capabilities and development needs in this important commercial skill. 

Our Negotiation Skills Capability Survey Report enables you to work on a skills development plan to reinforce the areas your organisation is doing well and improve on the areas that are clearly behind best practise.

What do you have to do to be as good as the best when you negotiate? 

For years, we have been surveying negotiators from different parts of the world and from different industry sectors. We have analysed the results and we know what the best negotiating practitioners do to get their deals. We can review your own survey results with you, help you identify any skill gaps and work out a plan to upskill your team.

Scotwork's findings

23% Think their negotiating results always create long-term value for the business

60% At some time enter negotiations with no intention of making any form of concession

21% Think the relationship has been strengthened when they complete a negotiation

40% Indicated that they occasionally have no time for preparation

51% Consider what is important to themselves before they start negotiating

15% Establish at the outset of the negotiation what they other party wants

26% Always know what questions they will ask when they meet the other party

18% Have a fallback plan if they cannot get a deal

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