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How effectively does your team negotiate?

To be successful you must know your capabilities -

What issues need fixed to stop value erosion?

Which good behaviours need reinforcing?

Our free online Negotiation Skills Capability Survey will benchmark you against best practice and tell you how to maximize your negotiating performance, by helping you identify and then fill skill gaps to give strength in you team.

How does the world resolve conflict?

Read our International Negotiating Skills Capability Report.

The report focusses on nine areas of negotiating and provides unique insight into the negotiation habits of over 5,300 executives from 39 industry sectors in 31 countries around the world.

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What do you have to do to be as good as the best when negotiating?

Our Advancing Negotiation Skills training programme is the most experiential, immersive and involving negotiation skills programme in the market.

Highly interactive sessions include a challenging mix of practical exercises, online tools, video analysis and bite-sized lectures from expert consultants.

Our face-to-face and virtual programmes prepare people of all ages, backgrounds and levels to become successful negotiators; equipping trainees with a proven methodology and changing their behaviour in negotiation situations.

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“There isn't a day that goes by without using the things I learned in the course. A few things I already did before, but now I can tie it to a structure. It is truly the best training I ever followed. Thank you very much, it has really changed my life. It lifted my knowledge and skills and I am thankful to be able to join this training. I saved £100k+ within 90 days of attending the course!”

Bas Bannink, Sales Engineer, Cisco

Transforming the way the world negotiates

Since 1975 we have been leading the way to create greater engagement and application by mixing global reach with rich local knowledge.

Return On Investment

We generate an average 16 x ROI from our programmes

Global Standards Applied

We ensure the best practice with local flexibility


We focus on embedding lasting change

29 Languages

170 Local Consultants

120 Countries

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