How to support your team after their training

Post Course De-Brief Guidance

Schedule a follow-up meeting with your team member to review what they learned, their Personal Development Plan (PDP) and how they plan to apply it.

This will help reinforce the learning and ensure that they can transfer the skills to their work.

Some of the possible areas of discussion:

  • Overall view of the course. How appropriate was it for their objectives set before the course? 
  • Were those objectives achieved? Were any unexpected or additional benefits achieved?
  • How are they going to put the lessons and areas of focus in their PDP into practice?
  • What measures can be used to assess any change in their performance, behaviour or results?
  • Review the Scotwork preparation tool and agree on how they plan to utilise this to structure their preparation for future negotiations.


Action Plan – Encouraging Embedding

Encouraging your team member to embed the negotiation skills they have learned is crucial to maximising the investment the business has invested in the training.

  • Agree for them to complete the Scotwork preparation tool for their next negotiations and share & discuss it with you.
  • Scheduled ongoing reviews of their PDP and how they are progressing in embedding the learning on a regular basis.
  • After 3 months encourage your team members to complete the consolidation modules found on the Scotwork Toolkit. This will:
  • Revisits the lessons of ANS
  • Deepens the understanding of the key negotiating lessons
  • Helps to apply the negotiation skills
  • Preparation Tool: Our powerful and intuitive preparation tool  guides dealmakers and their teams  through their negotiation preparations (watch video)
  • eLearning Modules: 8 Steps Consolidation Modules  - revisit the lessons of A.N.S. (watch video)

Next steps?

Thank you for joining us on this journey to support your employees through the Scotwork negotiation skills learning experience. As managers, your role is crucial in ensuring the application and sustainability of the skills acquired by your team members.

Key Actions to continue the embedding process

  • Encourage the continued use of the Scotwork Preparation Tool.
  • Continue to review and discuss their PDP and their progress in 1-2-1 sessions
  • Reminder them to refresh their knowledge by utilising the resources found in the Scotwork toolkit
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