How to support your team before their training

Pre-course objective setting with participant

Before your team member participates in the course, please arrange a meeting to discuss their expectations and goals for attending the training. ​

This will help you understand what they hope to achieve and how you can support them. ​

Some of the things you may want to discuss include:​

  • Why were they chosen to attend the ANS course?  ​
  • What has prompted this training need?​
  • Review their Scotwork Personal Negotiation Profiler report, to understand their current perceived confidence levels when negotiating.​
  • What objectives are they aiming to achieve as a result of the course?​
  • Encourage them to take notes and ask questions during the training. This will help them retain information and clarify any confusion they may have.​

MDLZ Pilot Capability Survey Suggested Development Focuses

To help you plan the development of the respondents to the survey, we have identified the most important areas of potential risk which we consider should be addressed, and also the areas of opportunity – the higher scores which are closer to best practice on which you can build.​ 

The Negotiating Profile & PDP

  • Start your negotiators on a path of personalized learning and self-improvement
  • Results from the online questionnaire gives them an instant, individual snapshot report of how confident they are in their negotiating abilities
  • Focus for the individual and their line manager​

Used to advance your negotiators’ Personal Development Plan :

  • Course participants develop their own PDP as part of the curriculum, with the help and guidance of our coaches
  • Provides a personal roadmap for skills improvement, tailored for the individual
  • Helps individuals to focus their skills development both during and after training
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