How to support your team during their training

What is the Advancing Negotiation Skills programme?

he Scotwork Advancing Negotiation Skills programme is the ultimate in negotiation skills development. It provides participants with the core skills they need to negotiate confidently in a professional, ethical and competent manner.​

Negotiation is a live, interactive process. Tor reflect this, our learning model actively engages participants in turning theory into iterative good practice. our approach fosters better learner engagement by providing a collaborative, memorable and safe space to practice and develop new skills.

Over 80% of course time is allocated to live case-play exercises where techniques are road-tested within life-like, unscripted negotiation scenarios. Cases are selected to replicate real-life issues and are combined with a series of engaging 45 minute lectures.

Our expert coaches carefully guide participants through five equences of lecture, preparation, negotiation case-play and follow-up analysis. Each is delivered in the context of your day-to-day working life.

A.N.S. prepares people of all ages, backgrounds and levels to become successful negotiators; equipping trainees with a proven methodology and changing their behaviour in negotiation situations.​

Protect your team from outside distractions during the course

For your team member to get the maximum value from the course, it’s important they can fully focus on their learning and ideally are not distracted by other business priorities.​

Some of the ways you can do this:​

  • Set Communication Expectations: Clearly define expectations regarding communication and availability. Review the course timetable to establish specific times for check-ins or updates, allowing them focused learning time while still being available when needed.​
  • Shield from External Interruptions: Where possible please protect them from unnecessary external distractions or demands that may interfere with their learning experience. This includes minimizing non-urgent meetings and assignments during the training.​
  • Foster Ownership: Encourage the team member to take ownership of their learning journey during the intensive training. Let them know you trust their ability to make the most of the experience and apply the knowledge effectively​
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