HRDC Claimable Negotiation Training

Offering our Advancing Negotiation Skills and Negotiation Foundation training programmes through HRD Corp gives Malaysian companies the opportunity to invest in proven skills programmes that will transform their ability to negotiate value right across the value chain. Safe in the knowledge that they are operating at best practice levels as they continue to develop on the Global stage.

Increase the profitability of deals through more effective negotiation. Save money and create long-term value for your business by investing in negotiation skills training. 

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Award Winning Training

Our Advancing Negotiation Skills and Negotiation Foundation training programmes prepare people of all ages, backgrounds and levels to become successful negotiators; equipping trainees with a proven methodology and changing their behaviour in negotiation situations.

Winning 23 awards in Malaysia and Singapore across the last 7 years, our programme has been shown to have broad functional application across Sales, Procurement, Marketing, HR, Finance, Logistics and more, on a leadership, coaching and mentoring level.

Advancing Negotiation

Skills Course

Negotiation Foundation Workshop

The Advancing Negotiation Skills course teaches how to negotiate professionally, ethically and successfully. It gives your people the control and confidence to side-step hazards, seize the initiative and deploy creative techniques to land the best deal. All this happens in a learning environment that’s modern, inspiring, hands-on, team-spirited and fun.

The Negotiation Foundation workshop demystifies the art of negotiation for novice negotiators of all ages and backgrounds. Delivered in an inspiring one-day format by expert Scotwork consultants, the workshop explains fundamental concepts, terminology and process.

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Are they confident negotiators?

Do you have a clear understanding of where their skill gaps lie, and what areas need to be addressed with focused training?

Our Negotiating Skills Capability Survey benchmarks your people against best practice worldwide, and gives you a free report to help you understand their key strengths and development needs.

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“Indeed, Scotwork Advancing Negotiation Skills was an excellent training course. It is an eye-opener for me to understand and apply most of the negotiation techniques in my day-to-day tasks. I also appreciate the training provider's post-training support - kudos to them. I would recommend this program to business, sales, and marketing people. A big Thanks to Scotwork Asia”

Hazruddin Bin Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Am Berhad